VIB Rouge = More Lipsticks!

Not that I need more lipsticks. I probably don’t need anymore lipsticks…oh but wait, I have to have this one. Right?

Bite Lilac

At first glance, this may just look like a plain old lipstick. Well, maybe a GORGEOUS lipstick – but your run of the mill Bite Beauty lip colour. What’s so special, and what does this have to do with VIB rouge?  Well my friends, if you – like me, have hit VIB rouge status at Sephora, you’ll notice this guy pop up while shopping online on the website. Lets be honest…we all do it. Who in the world has a VIB rouge card (Meaning in a year-we spend +$1000…oh, don’t remind me…at the famous beauty retailer) and doesn’t occasionally browse online?

This is the Bite Beauty Lip VIB Rouge Luminous Creme Lipstick in Lilac, that is not only limited edition, but not available in stores- not because its an online exclusive..but because it’s only available to VIB Rouge Members. Now I must say, this is the coolest perk to being a VIB rouge so far! Having a lipstick, that is not even available to the entire public? That’s awesome. For that lip colour to be my favourite colour of all time? Even awesomer. (Let me just put a quick disclaimer here: I know “awesomer” isn’t a real word, I just needed it for a dramatic effect.)

VIB Rouges does have its other benefits as well- I get email offers for exclusive events which are only available for Rouge members, and I am able to make appointments to have my makeup done, absolutely free of charge! The VIB rouge exclusive products, however is my favourite. So far, this is the only product that I’ve seen which is an exclusive to Sephora’s top tier clientele, but I do really hope that more are on its way.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t hope that. Sounds like I’m going to be spending a lot more money in the future if that does pan out.


Ole Henriksen Cleansing Cloths

(*) – This product is a PR sample, but in no way does this affect my opinion of the product.

Ole Henriksen Cloths 4

I recently received a sample pack of the 3 new cleansing cloths by Ole Henriksen Skincare. For those of you who don’t know, Ole Henriksen is a spa quality line. The man himself is equivalent to esthetician god to the celebs – including Ms. Charlize Theron herself. (Pictured below) In the states, there is a whole chain of spas which you can go to get some well deserved R&R time. In Canada, we have the luxury of picking up the same products that are used in spa services, at your local Sephora.

Charlize Theron No Makeup

Now, some of you may have been using Ole Henriksen skincare already, and remember the Truth wipes. These were Vitamin C infused wipes not only to take your makeup off at the end of the day, but the infused Vitamin C had brightening and anti-aging properties as well. Which is all good…but what about the rest of us? Because of the acidity of the Vitamin C in the original wipes, it wasn’t for everyone – as Vitamin C can sometimes be known to cause irritation, and- what if you don’t need brightening or anti-aging?

Ole Henriksen Cloths 2

Introducing the latest relaunch of the wipes – including two that are brand new! Ole Henriksen now carries The Clean Truth Cloths, (Same great scent, same great benefits as the Vitamin C wipes of the past) Nurture Me Cleansing Cloths, (Same as the Nurture Me Moisturizer, this is great for sensitive skin. Each cloth contains Moringa and Borage Seed Oils which is great for calming down redness and irritation) and the Ease Relief Cleansing Cloths (These are oil free, great for oily/combination skin-and Botanical AHAs and Eucalyptus help refine pores.) So, why relaunch all 3? Yes, he could’ve easily just added two new ones to his line, but on top of there being one for each skin type now, and the Ease Relief Cleansing Clothes are double sided, on one side the smooth surface is great for a more gentle removal of makeup, and the other-quilted! The little textures on the back-side make a really great gentle exfoliation for the skin-something safe for every day use! I wouldn’t throw out your exfoliator just yet, as it’s not quite strong enough to replace whatever you may be using- but rather an additional benefit to cleansing step. I also love how easily it takes off your makeup! No effort necessary, including when taking these around the eye area.

For me, these cloths are a lifesaver. It’s great for a gym day to throw in your bag, travelling, or for for the lazy girl like myself, just at the end of a very long day when you just want to climb into bed as fast as possible. I’m going to hang onto my sample as long as possible, but when I do need to repurchase these- they are only $19, which means I don’t need to break the bank buying them either.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried these, and what your thoughts are, and be sure to follow me on bloglovin, or subscribe to stay updated with my posts!


Dr. Dennis Gross Sulfur Mask

Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Collodial Sulfur Mask

Last night I found out that I can use my Dr. Dennis Gross Collodial Sulfur Mask as an overnight treatment. One word: game changer. (Ok, well two words)


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dr. Dennis Gross, he’s a cosmetic dermatologist, practicing in New York City. Inspired by his clients, he started creating his own line of products which could be used at home, but still give the great immediate results. Using a mix of both science and nature-his self-titled skincare line was born.

Now, I got this mask a long time ago, and I honestly don’t use it that much. My skin is fairly clear, pretty normal- I’ve got an oily t-zone from time to time, and yes I have blackheads, and pores. Few breakouts here and there, but not very many and not often. Safe to say I can run out of my house (if I had to) with no makeup on and feel pretty comfortable in my skin. This product isn’t about feeling comfortable in your skin though, its about feeling amazing. It’s about looking forward to the first day you wake up to your new boyfriend, with no makeup on-cause yes, your skin looks THAT good. After using it as an overnight treatment- the next day- pores shrinked, blackheads had essentially disappeared. That was only after one night, I can only imagine what this mask can do for me over a long period of time. The only thing that was a little off-putting with this mask was the very distinctive sulfur scent- it did have a very nice cooling effect on my skin though.

Along with being Sulfur based to reduce acne, it’s also has a long list of other great ingredients, with even better benefits: Retinol actually helps smooth away fine lines, and wrinkles (for those of us experiencing BOTH fine lines, and breakouts- this is for you!- as there aren’t a lot of products out there targeting both concerns.) Licorice Root Extract brightens the skin, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Another ingredient (and I kid you not with the name…) is Prickly Pear – and also helps with redness and inflammation.

The mask is super versatile, so along with me just discovering it draws out impurities while you are sleeping, it also can be used as a spot treatment, or even just a 10 minute wash off mask. Because of the nature of the retinol, I would always use this product at night – and be sure to apply a SPF on during the day, as retinol can always cause the skin to become more sensitive to sun irritation and damage.

Using it as a mask overnight, you’d think it being sulfur based would be overly drying to the skin, however I didn’t find that this was the case at all. Of course, with skincare – it’s tricky. I do have normal / combination skin, Sulfur however is of one of most tested acne medications, that is proven to be quite gentle on the skin. It’s an all natural ingredient, which does cause the skin to dry + peel (in a good way) and also reduces oiliness and prevents pore blockage. One more thing I love about this mask, and this is huge if you are suffering from more of the breakout concern than anything else, is the packaging. The product is pumped out through the top, and comes through a vacuum sealed pump, meaning fingers and bacteria never touch the product inside. Once you think you may be close to being done the product though, the top does twist off very easily to reveal the rest of the product, in case you wanted to make sure you were indeed out before disposing of it.

All in all- I thought this was a great product, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing. I find it would be great to have, either to use once a week- or even to just save it for when my skin is in a little more trouble.


Urban Decay Electric Palette

UD Electric Palette 3

I caved, and I got this. How could I not? It’s Urban Decay, and its….well you had me at Urban Decay.

This new palette for the Spring is just as the name suggests, electric!

UD Electric Palette 2 UD Electric Palette

With 10 of the brightest most pigmented shades, the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette also comes with a double ended brush, perfectly created to apply just the right amount of pigment to create a bold look.

UD Electric Palette Colours

Revolt – Gorgeous grey with a shimmer in it. Perfect for the inner rims of the eyes, to brighten up any look!

Gonzo – This pan is going to really be GONZO fast. A nice bright blue is going to suit almost any eye colour.

Chaos - This is a gorgeous royal blue colour, and I just know its going to be used to create more smokey eyes than Sephora has lipsticks. (In case you were wondering, that’s a lot)

Jilted - A purpley-pink shade with just a hint of shimmer.

UD Electric Palette Colours 2

Slowburn – A beautiful true orange colour. I can just imagine the endless possibilities in blending this with other colours to create a gorgeous sunset inspired eye.

Savage – Who can really say no to this hot pink shade? No one…that’s who.

Fringe – This colour is actually very similar to Gonzo, only a little bit more of a shimmery finish, with a little bit of green in it. It kind of reminds me of a mermaid. Yea, lets go with that.

(Mermaids, hot pinks, and sunsets. I’m really reeling you in, aren’t I? Hang on…thats only halfway)

Urban – This is the perfect purple. Just…perfect.

Freak & Thrash – These last two colours are actually great for Spring, as scary as they may look in the pot, they go on very soft and are just a great way to really introduce some colour – for those of you who are worried this palette may be too bright, these are actually two really good colours to play around with.

A good tip for use? For any of those colours with red pigments in them, be sure to use a primer (Like the UD primer potion) for best results. It also protects those who may be more sensitive as well.

I would pick this up right away if you haven’t. All the beauty blogs have been talking about it for quite some time, and as we’ve seen in the past – many things from Urban Decay are limited.  This was part of their Spring launch, and as much as I hope they keep it around, some things in life just don’t last forever.


Lip Love


Recently I started following Hannah over at Away with the Fairies beauty blog, and the first thing that caught my eye was the gorgeous lip colour she was wearing in one of her posts. Even with the countless number of products sitting on my counter waiting to be showcased, I knew I had to get this one! The colour was that perfect pink colour, bright enough to turn any day into a sunny one. Sure enough, as soon as I found it…I couldn’t have just one. So today, I’m showing off the other colour I picked up.


The Bonjouis Rouge Edition Lipstick in #18, Violine Strass is a gorgeous deeper shade, one that is a perfect mix between lighter red and purple. The crème consistency makes application a dream.


The second item I picked up on the same trip was actually another product I was curious to share my thoughts on- and that’s the new Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer, I purchased this one in 301 Galaxy, but there are so many shades- and trust me. I wanted them all! I picked out Galaxy because it was a perfect pair to the Violine Strass, a great top coat with a hint of purple – or even an amazing product to wear on its on- my favourite part? This lip lacquer doesn’t stain the lips, which means for lazy girls like myself who don’t like to reapply, you are not left with that faded dry lip colour many stains leave behind. (For those of you who have tried wearing MUFE’s Aqua Rouges WITHOUT some type of base underneath…you will know exactly what I’m talking about)

All in all, I loved both of these guys – and I will definitely be back for more of them! Let me know in the comments below what you think! Be sure to follow me on bloglovin to stay updated with my posts, and follow me on instagram to see my selfie with these lip products!

instagram: adorkablez


Life Update – New Computer, new projects!


Im very excited to share with you all my latest purchase, and part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging all week. The boyfriend and I decided it was time to invest in an iMac- It made so much sense with his video editing work, and all my latest computer projects I’ve decided to take on- who knows? Maybe you will start seeing vlogs coming your way. (Maybe not anytime soon…)

Coming from being a PC user for all my life, getting used to the ways of an iMac are going to be tough, but (not knowing anything whatsoever about specs of these things) I am well-reassured that this is the best option for our life right now with where we are at, and all the things we want to be doing. Its going to be fully loaded with editing programs, photoshop…well, those two things are really all I need…besides that, we’ve got a Disney Pixar Up Wallpaper. Really, what else do you need in life?


Whats on my Face, Spring Edition


(Left to right: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Sephora Pantone Radiant Orchid Cheek Palette, Sephora Pantone Crème Lipstick in Radiant Rush, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, Guerlain Meoterites Setting Powder, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, Sephora Pro Blending Brush)

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite products, some are newly found loves, some are classics that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to really part with.

Estee Lauder Double Wear is almost all I wear. No matter how many other foundations I’ve tried and tested, nothing has come in comparison to the long wear formula I get from this. I usually pair it with a BB cream underneath to get my SPF protection, a little extra coverage, and just to have as a primer.


Radiant Rush Lipstick; Crème Matte Formula, this beautiful lipstick which is a bold colour perfect for Spring, is close to becoming one of my favourite lipsticks- I’ve already picked up two of them, and I’m not even sure that’s going to be enough! Its a super long wearing matte finish, and I love pairing this with my YSL gloss Volupte #49. (You’ll always see me sporting this in my shameless selfies if you follow me on instagram…#iminlove?) Seeing as this is a limited edition, and from what I can tell, one of the most popular products in the Radiant Orchid Line this season, it’s going to sell out fast! Pick one (or two) up if you can!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner; If I had to pick one product out of everything here, that I can’t live without…it would be this! Stay tuned for my liner comparison post I have planned, but I have used a lot of the best selling ones out there and ALWAYS go back to this one, its not advertised as waterproof anywhere, but let me tell you-it doesn’t move! It stays on well, drys almost instantly and is so easy to apply, the best part about this is the brush – Ms. KVD herself travelled to Japan, and while travelling discovered this calligraphy style brush makes for the easiest and best application, and turned it into a now best selling liquid liner.

Sephora Pantone Cheek Palette Trio: This limited edition exclusive to Sephora palette is gorgeous! It comes with a blush in their Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid and two amazing highlighters- one in rose gold, that I actually use as a blush almost everyday- I get so many compliments on this colour , I wish it came on its own…and not LE! UK beauty bloggers- if you guys are interested in trying this out, I don’t mind doing a swap with someone, maybe you can send me a cheek palette I can’t get in North America for me to try out – I’m always snooping around beauty blogs and seeing all these things I want to try out!

Guerlain Meoterites Setting Powder: This, I should be talking about last, as its the last step, first of all: I love the smell! It spells nothing but luxury, with the beautifully elegant tin packaging, and the candy-like pearls that most people just want to eat. Its the envy of all my other beauty products on my table- and don’t be worried about the green little pearls inside,  these pearls set your makeup beautifully while the green actually helps reduce redness in the skin!

Urban Decay Naked Basics; This 6 colour neutral palette is a really close 2nd runner up to the product I can’t live without, and that’s because its so versatile! I actually use this product to fill in my eyebrows, but this all matte palette can be a great travel companion and a great everyday office look palette as well!

Finally to the brushes. Of course as a makeup artist, there are a lot of brushes I use – but one of my favourites is the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush. I bought this brush SO many years ago, and today it is good as if its brand new! I hear many objections to these brushes because of the pricing, but honestly if you are going to buy a blush brush that’s going to last you 5+ years, I think it pretty much pays for itself. The way the brush is tapered as well, is to make it easy for everyone to use at home! You actually use this brush flat against the cheek and stroke downwards, its created to give that perfect natural flushed look to the skin!

The eye brush I chose to emerge as a favourite would definitely be my Sephora Collection blending brush. This little guy might look small, but it does so much! You can use this to pack colour onto the lid, or create a beautiful smokey eye, or of course as the name suggests, blend the colours you may be using already together to create that perfect look!

What are some of your thoughts on what your favourite products are? Or what are your thoughts on what I use? I’d love to know in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to stay updated!


Tresemme Keratin Smooth 7 Days – First Impressions

IMG_0481I’m not normally a hair person. I’m makeup and skincare savy, and if I am patient enough I can sometimes find an hour or two a month to actually take the effort with my nails, but any mention of styling hair, or beautiful hair I just kind of close my eyes, and hope that one day when I open them again I’ll have that beautiful hair that you always, ALWAYS see in the commercials. (Girls in the commercial…where are you? So I can ask you what you REALLY use to make your hair look so picture perfect?)

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t even plan this blog post, I was just walking around in the Shoppers close to home looking for a lipstick, when I discovered this…on sale too! From $10 each to $5. Considering I didn’t find my lipstick, I thought…why not? I’ve always wanted to know if something like this works.

AND IT DID! This actually gave me (close to) fresh from the salon hair, in the comfort of my own home, and all under the price of a nice dinner meal. I decided to get the full set, because I was worried that the product would only work if you followed all the instructions, but I truly only wanted to test out the middle one you see in the smaller tube, TRESemme Heat Activated Treatment. This after wash treatment promises salon hair where you’ll see a reduce in frizz, for up to 3 shampoos. (Please note; less frizz, not no frizz) This product is comparable to a salon straightening treatment which can cost up past $100 depending on where you go. $5 vs. +$100?

Yes Please!

Now of course, your saying…its not the same as going to the salon. Well that’s the truth. You definitely don’t get the exact same results, if it was that easy- hairdressers would be going out of business! Salons have tools, and products – and the skills to get our hair looking picture perfect for a steep price! In the end , this is much easier and I loved how my hair felt and looked afterwards.

IMG_0498                                             IMG_0507

As you can see from the pictures, my hair is flowing beautifully, the back is nice and straight – and you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at those photos is that It did really reduce frizziness, which is a problem for most people who have finer hair like I do. This didn’t completely eliminate the frizz, but it did make a world of difference. I also swear that it took a little quicker to blow dry my hair too. One thing I also want to add that I noticed, is usually- my hair is a jungle. Its SO tangly after a wash – even after conditioner! (Maybe…Tarzan was my cousin? Who am I kidding, even he has less tangles.) After washing and conditioning with the set  I had purchased, my hair did feel a lot better already! I was actually able to comb through it without breaking things. The shampoo in this set lathered very well, which personally I enjoyed. I left the conditioner in my hair for 2-3 mins, I sectioned off my hair as if I was about to curl prior to applying, then applied the after shower keratin treatment AND (this may be key) I straightened my hair. The packaging does state that the heat from your straightening activates it, which the heat from your blow dryer may not be a high enough temperature to. I know it seems kind of silly to read the instructions sometimes (I know…you guys aren’t 5) but this way I could give a true review and not just say it stinks when I may not have been wearing it right.

All in all, after the first day, I’m pretty impressed. Please stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to find out what happens after the first and second wash! I’m just as excited as you are, and for all of you who may have used this in the past, send me a quick comment or link to your blog telling me what  you thought! I love reading as much as I enjoy writing!


What’s in my bag?


Welcome to my first What’s in my handbag edition, featuring the Mccray Handbag from Aldo. I had purchased this handbag on a whim, needing a bag for a night out – unexpectedly, this has actually become my new favourite every day handbag. Its a great colour for Spring (comes in black too) has two great compartments to keep my stuff in, and is that cross-shoulder that I love so much!

With the double compartments you can jam quite a lot in there too! Including the 3 things I’m going to be talking about today. Now the only makeup I usually have in my bag is lip products and that’s because if I don’t touch up my lips after a meal, or after half my work day …I end up looking like a clown. I keep my bold Sephora Collection Pantone Matte Creme Lip colour in RADIANT RUSH as my every day colour right now. It’s bright, it screams Spring, its perfect! The longevity of this is similar to that of a stain, and doesn’t require a touch up every hour to keep it looking bold and beautiful. I pop the YSL Gloss Volupte over top and it’s almost a perfectly matched colour to give your lips that extra little sparkle. YSL makes such high quality lip products and this new collection is no exception, the gloss can be worn on it’s on for a more subtle look but you will still get that pigment that is true to the colour you see through the elegant packaging. Before work everyday, I love spritzing on a fragrance just to give a little bit more spring to my step, but these fragrances fade after an hour or so, I like to keep a rollerball in my purse for when I feel like I need a little pick me up- and right now I’m carrying BCBG Max Azria, but these change all the time depending on my mood! Thats the great thing about rollerballs, small investments that you can change as often as your jewellery without feeling guilty! You’ll also notice one thing I almost never leave the home without is my nude lipstick, this one from Too Faced…you guessed it bloggers, its Spice Baby Spice. If you haven’t heard this already, this the the ultimate neutral/nude colour. Its gorgeous on all skintones, and the texture is so creamy and hydrating you don’t even need other products with it. Razzle Dazzle Rose is also a great nude colour with a little bit more pink though if you are comfortable with more colour, although not too bright – this colour is still a beautiful easy to wear shade.

That’s all for today, if there’s anything out there that you think I have to try  (Or you want me to try first…I’m willing! Just mention it in the comments below, an be sure to subscribe to stay updated! There is a link to where I purchased my handbag, the Mccray from Aldo just below, but feel free to comment and send me your pics in of whats in your handbag to me! Link your blogs below and I’ll check them out!

Purchase your own Mccray Handbag:


Radiant Orchid – Sephora’s Colour of the Year

         IMG_0409 IMG_0411 IMG_0412

It’s that time of year again, and this time…its huge! For those of you who may not know Sephora pairs up with Pantone, the colour authority, every year and launches a whole collection of products based on what Pantone names colour of the year! This year, Radiant Orchid will be rocked out in all aspects of beauty, with the launch of Sephora’s own house brand of makeup, to the matching Radiant Orchid accessories and tools that are currently available and the ones we are sure to see follow throughout the year.

        IMG_0414 IMG_0419 IMG_0422

This beautiful collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, lip gloss trio, a liquid liner, both a lip balm and a creme lip colour, and a trio of nail colours. If your just starting out in the world of beauty, there is also also has made it easy for you (or hard on your wallet, whichever way you a brush set, with all the starter brushes you’ll need to create the looks at home, and also comes in the cutest pouch. If you happen to be looking for a gift for a girlfriend, or a sister, or anyone special in your life The Radiant Femme Artistry Set includes the creme lip colour, the liquid eyeliner, and also 3 products exclusive to the set: a cream blush, a liquid luminizer and a mini nail polish. (I picked up one of these guys for myself ) When you do make your next beauty stop, ask one of the sales associates for a look book, which will provide you a couple looks to try out at home and all the instructions you will need!

        IMG_0425 IMG_0429 IMG_0430

Now lets get to the fun stuff! I’ve had a chance to play around with most of these guys and if you are a huge Sephora fan, you will remember that this is the 3rd colour of the year installment. First came Tangerine Tango- which even though I loved the blush, I found it was a hard colour to colour to wear anywhere else- especially the eyes. Fast forward one year later, and we hit Emerald Green. This was a gorgeous colour, especially for the eyes, but I found it even harder to wear anywhere else. Cheeks were pretty much out of the question, unless you were putting together a super bold look for Saint Patty’s Day, and most people I know don’t sport green lips.

Radiant Orchid is by far, my favourite colour of the year so far, and not just because I am a huge girly girl, and a huge fan of the colour. The whole collection is packed with pigment, yet one of the most versatile and wearable colours thus far. Its got products that are suitable for all skintones, for eyes, lips, cheeks, nails and is the perfect way to add a little fun to your Spring makeup wardrobe.  I want to talk about the whole collection, in detail but that also means that this post will be a million years long because there are so many great things to talk about- instead I’m going to leave it off here, and you can see from my pictures what I was able to pick up- and I’ll be doing some posts soon featuring the different products, and tips and tricks on how to incorporate them into every day wearable looks! Now this is a limited edition collection, and from what I hear, there are rumours it may be one of the last Colour of the Year Collections, so pop by your local Sephora and pick up what you can today- from what I can tell, its going to really fly off the shelves